Poof A Puff Of Wind

Poof's website. Great book, wonderful children's story. You can read all about Poof here and purchase the book/cd combination or the DVD.

This Time Around  The official This Time Around website. Visit here to get more information about this witty and humourous musical play.

Pam's MySpace Page

More songs and a photo slideshow.

Pam's Facebook Page

Pam' also has a facebook page. Check it out.

Conrad Reeder

(Connie), besides being a great writer, singer, musician, etc etc, etc,  she's my kindred spirit.  "This Time Around " could never have been written with anyone else. In the many years that we've been best friends, we've learned together that You Might As Well Dance.

Benita Hill

Long time co-writer and friend -  we've written too many great songs to count, and Garth Brooks recorded two of them! She's recorded several of our songs on some fine cds.

Gale Carrier

She's the real deal, a gifted psychic with years of experience in reading Tarot, Runes, auras, and 23+ years of Astrology.  She's had many workshops on Tarot and Astrology over the years. She has also worked with law enforcement agencies across the country. If you're interested in having your chart read or gaining insight into life's mysteries.  Gale's the one.

Julie Wanca

Complete design, print, and consultation services. Album Covers - Book Covers -  Posters. You see artwork everywhere. Check out my good friend's website and see her amazing portfolio.

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