Pam has been involved with some of the most successful people in the music business. She's not big on having her picture taken but I did manage to find a few to put on this page.

While performing as a solo artist, Conway Twitty's producer, impressed by her voice, hired Pam to sing background vocals with Conway during his month long engagement in Reno, Nevada . Later Pam was invited to sing on the recording of his hit single I'd Love To Lay You Down.

Here's Pam with Dexter Redding, great songwriter, singer, and producer, which is not suprising since his father was the one and only Otis Redding. Pam and Dexter have written several songs together and have developed a wonderful friendship over the years. There's a clip of Dexter singing one of their songs Hearts Like Ours on the Songs page.

Left to right ... Pam, Garth Brooks, Benita Hill, Tommy Smith, and behind is Garth's producer, Allen Reynolds. Pam, Tommy, and Benita wrote the song Take The Keys To My Heart as their contribution to Garth's Sevens album. Pam and Benita also wrote It's Your Song, the first hit single from Garth's Double Live album. Hear clips of these songs on the Songs page.

Patti LaBelle recorded on her Flame album a song Pam wrote with Don Graham called Don't Block The Blessings which she showcased on the Oprah Show. We've put a clip of this song on the Songs page as well.

In the late 80's, Pam and Bonnie Gallie formed a duo called Two Desperate Women. They were a major hit around the clubs of Nashville, Tennessee. One of the songs Pam wrote and sang is on the Songs page, an up tempo jazzy number called  Love, You can keep It.

Here's Pam with Steven Seagal and Charlie Allen at Parc Records recording studio in Orlando Florida. They were putting the finishing touches on a song they were writing for Steven's CD

Pam warned him several times, but Steven Seagal thought he could take her. Poor guy, hopefully he'll recover soon. :-)

Willie Nelson begged to have his picture taken with Two Desperate Women. This picture was taken during the filming of Hank Williams Jr.'s video for All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight.

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