Pam has written hundreds of songs over the years The following are a few samples of her work.  



As If: one of my very favorite Pam Wolfe songs, was written by Charles Allen Bouton, Pam Wolfe, and Sean Quint, and recorded by Charlie on his great self titled album. If you like Country music, you'll love Charlie Allen's CD. That's a promise.

Woodcarver: was co-written with Rusty Wolfe, and is a duet that was recorded several times. The version I chose for the website is by Lacy J. Dalton & Glen Campbell from Glen's Walkin' In The Sun album.  Other notable recordings were by Sandy Kelly & Johnny Cash, and Colleen Peterson & Tom Paul Glaser.

Don't Block The Blessings: is a beautiful song written by Don Graham and Pam for Patti LaBelle that she included on her Flame album. She also sang this song live on the Oprah Winfrey Show to promote her album and literally "brought the house down".

It's Your Song: was recorded by Garth Brooks as a tribute to his mother and became the first single off his Double Live album. Pam wrote this song with Benita Hill who wanted a song to dedicate to her mother on a  CD she was recording at the time. Pam suggested the original title, It Was Your Song (That Made Me Sing) and as they wrote it, Pam realized her own inspiration came from her mother and father who have always believed in her, and in her words, "gave her the gift of music." Of all the hits that Garth had, I believe It's Your Song is without a doubt one of the best.

Take The Keys To My Heart (And Drive Me Crazy): was written by Pam, Tommy Smith and Benita Hill, and was recorded by various artists, including Garth Brooks on his Sevens album.

Hearts Like Ours: sung here by Dexter Redding, who, in a group with his brother, called The Reddings, had several top 10 singles in the 80's. Since that time Dexter has focused on writing  and producing music rather than performing it. Still his voice is magical and should be heard. With every song they write together, Pam insists that Dexter record it.  

Love, You Can Keep It:  is a song Pam Wolfe wrote and performed in the Two Desperate Women act, and even though it wasn't recorded by any "big star" I would be remis if I didn't include at least one song on this page from my favorite star. Two Desperate Women, Pam and Bonnie Gallie (later known as Benita Hill) was the hottest female duo to hit the club scene in Nashville, Tennessee in the 80's. To this date, nobody has dared to follow (At least not in their footsteps!)

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