This Time Around

a new musical by Pamela Wolfe & Conrad Reeder

Connie (Conrad) and I first conceived the idea of writing a musical seven years ago while sitting at my kitchen table, having a glass of wine, to my recollection.  A few years earlier we had become dear friends, then later wrote some songs together.  This particular evening we were discussing religion, spirituality, astrology, science, mythology, love, life, children, the beauty and comedy and tragedy of it all,  etc. etc ... and I believe one of us said,  "Let's write a musical,  put all of this in it, and change the world!"  The other one, whichever one that was, replied, "It Could Happen". And that became the title of the very first song we wrote for This Time Around.  For the next five years we worked on This Time Around in "bursts", in between life's dramas and crisis which over and over seemed to take us off task, but of course gave us new material to draw from for the creative process. In the last two years now,with our children out of school and  somewhat on their own, we've finally been able to focus on 'this child' and nurture it to fruition.  Truly a labor of love, This Time Around .

Check out our This Time Around website, which includes a summary of the story and clips from all the songs.

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