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Poof A Puff Of Wind - BOOK with CD

Item #101

comes with full color artwork as you follow along with Pam singing the entire story on the CD.

The book sells for $14.95 + $4.00 (shipping & handling) 

Total  $18.95

Poof DVDsmall.jpg

Poof A Puff Of Wind - DVD

Item #102

plays on all standard DVD players. The same full color artwork is displayed on the screen of your television set, page by page, as Pam sings the story. The words of the story are also displayed on screen for each page to allow your children to read along.

The DVD sells for $12.95 + $4.00 (shipping & handling)

Total $ 16.95



Poof A Puff Of Wind COMBO PACK

Item #103

 includes a BOOK/CD and a DVD.  The combo pack sells at a reduced price of $24.95 + $4.00 (shipping & handling) (You save $6.95)

Total $28.95



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Pam Wolfe 

612 River Ridge Court

Nashville, TN. 37221

Specify Item 101 (Book/CD),  Item 102 (DVD), or Item 103 (Combo) 

 Your order will be shipped promptly upon receipt of payment.

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