Poof A Puff Of Wind 

I began reading books to my two boys when they were babies. I loved spending time in bookstores picking out books that I felt would capture the wonder and humor of life from their eyes. It is so special for a parent to get a glimpse of the world as his or her child sees it.

A few years later, when they were "too old" for Mommy to read to them, I decided to write a children's book. Somehow (who knows where ideas come from) I came up with the idea of a little puff of wind blowing around in the sky and deciding to come down to earth to make a friend. I began drawing Poof and writing episodes until one day I had a story and several illustrations. Some time after I completed the book, I awoke in the middle of the night with the idea of singing the story and including a CD with the book. I got out of bed, went to my studio (only a few steps from my bedroom), turned on my keyboard, the microphone, and my Roland 1680 digital recorder, and began singing the story, page by page. The melodies, chords, and arrangements were all conceived in that magical night. And my boys, now young men, have promised to never grow "too old" for Poof.



Poof A Puff Of Wind : available as a DVD or a BOOK with CD combination

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