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Pam is a prolific songwriter who has had many of her songs recorded by prominent artists. Here are a few, including one by her son Jonas Wolfe. Have a listen below.

Woodcarver - Johnny Cash & Sandy Kelly

Also Recorded by:

Tompall Glaser & Colleen Peterson, as well as

Glen Campbell & Lacy J. Dalton

Written by Pam Wolfe and Rusty Wolfe 

It's Your Song - Garth Brooks

Written by Benita Hill and Pam Wolfe

Birmingham - Jonas Wolfe

Written by Pam Wolfe, Jonas Wolfe, and Lisa Gentile

Don't Block The Blessings - Patti LaBelle

Written by Don Graham, Pam Wolfe, Malcolm Allison and Armstead Edwards

Take The Keys To My Heart - Garth Brooks

Written by Benita Hill, Tommy Smith and Pam Wolfe

As If - Charlie Allen

Written by Charlie Allen and Pam Wolfe

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